Saturday, 14 March 2015

LouLou Reloulou's LOVE TOILET


 Recently-ish i was involved in LouLou Reloulous filming project LOVE TOILET . I was a daytime character with Emma Kroegar being our inner childlike selves playing around like we live in an adventure playground. ..

A variety of amazing day and night time characters were gathered. 

Some random real self reflection  -I am a creature of the night mixed with playtime persona i guess. So of course i had to be in the party scene as well.  :D i can see why Loulou wanted me to be one of her characters she had in mind. I guess i fitted what she had quite well. and so happy she asked me to be involved. yay!

She managed to gather such a wonderful mix of creatures for her film so i really think it is going to turn out to be something quite special. Others involved - Marni Scarlet, Ruby Jones, Ragina Lelumpi, Annamaria Adams, and much too many more to mention 

Check out -
Check out more about her Love Toilet project and Dalston Superstore where it is featured on the website

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