Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Stripped to the Core: Animistic Art Action and Magickal Revelation

Yesterday i attended this alluring, atmospheric and magical event. - Stripped to the Core: Animistic Art Action and Magickal Revelation - https://www.facebook.com/events/791917830894938/

Atmospherically hypnotically captivating. It got you to think about things such as how sinister a barbie dolls head can feel and the things that come with certain objects and what they contain within them. And also the other thought provoking ideas-  Charlotte Rodgers the main creature running the night couldn't help but feel that Badgers were Psychopomps and explained how she thought it was strange that they have always been quite disliked especially by farmers for not really good enough reasons, and how they take bones and don't eat them, but store them.

Spectacularly special evening; as i thought it was positively thought provoking and could help, or remind others to be more consciously aware of things if they want to be, and to go beyond fear, as i believe when fears are broken apart something new arises.

So for me this night was actually quite in-tune with the way i think a lot. And it was really nice to go and experience this event in such a relaxed and open environment.

There was also brilliant sound accompanying all of this ,check the event to find the artists. It was truly magical to hear it all work together.

Here are some strange photos i have taken:

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Falling into space

last night i dream't that i was FALLING through the entire universes , it had a sense of dying, i woke up when i had landed back in this dimension. ...random thought - if you fall so far you will end up back at the start, but the start could be in a completely new space . but we can go back to a previous space , maybe this is one of the points in memory. But we don't have to see memory as so important, as for me, i can be insanely forgetful but if i really need to remember something truly, then it will come to me at the right moment. and if you're wondering how i know that it is the right moment then it's because i get a sense of things FALLING into space and suddenly get a surgey type of mind flashback of why this wouldn't of happened where i was before. This is also a great reason not to worry. there is no point. that is the point. but what is a point? exactly

Model_Adrain G / Szandar A / Sophie DPhoto_Rosie GMake up_Irene W Styling _ Naddy Sane Creative Director_Kanne V

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Do what you like!

you can do whatever you like. you don't have to care so much, especially about what people think, believe in your own instinctual thoughts, break apart your fears, discover. express. whatever, just do it, ... heart emoticon happy Saturday heart emoticon
" It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not." -Andre Gide

top by Jylle Navarro

LouLou Reloulou's LOVE TOILET


 Recently-ish i was involved in LouLou Reloulous filming project LOVE TOILET . I was a daytime character with Emma Kroegar being our inner childlike selves playing around like we live in an adventure playground. ..

A variety of amazing day and night time characters were gathered. 

Some random real self reflection  -I am a creature of the night mixed with playtime persona i guess. So of course i had to be in the party scene as well.  :D i can see why Loulou wanted me to be one of her characters she had in mind. I guess i fitted what she had quite well. and so happy she asked me to be involved. yay!

She managed to gather such a wonderful mix of creatures for her film so i really think it is going to turn out to be something quite special. Others involved - Marni Scarlet, Ruby Jones, Ragina Lelumpi, Annamaria Adams, and much too many more to mention 

Check out - http://louloureloulou.com/
Check out more about her Love Toilet project and Dalston Superstore where it is featured on the website  http://dalstonsuperstore.com/features/loulou-reloulou/

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Yesterday i went to meet Uncle Matt. He had just got back from being spontaneously away in California, and he said i miss your blog. So now i am starting another one here... I was also thinking about this before. SO this was the extra sprinkle of sugar on the teaspoon i needed to make me do it...

Although this is mainly going to be about the adventures i fall into , this is something i did the other day. It kind of looks a bit like desert. But it is a present i got given of a dying plant . i decided to covered it in glue and glitter.

Merry Wednesday!
Naddy x