Sunday, 15 March 2015

Falling into space

last night i dream't that i was FALLING through the entire universes , it had a sense of dying, i woke up when i had landed back in this dimension. ...random thought - if you fall so far you will end up back at the start, but the start could be in a completely new space . but we can go back to a previous space , maybe this is one of the points in memory. But we don't have to see memory as so important, as for me, i can be insanely forgetful but if i really need to remember something truly, then it will come to me at the right moment. and if you're wondering how i know that it is the right moment then it's because i get a sense of things FALLING into space and suddenly get a surgey type of mind flashback of why this wouldn't of happened where i was before. This is also a great reason not to worry. there is no point. that is the point. but what is a point? exactly

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